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In Villecroze

Park and caves of Villecroze.

The village of Villecroze, classified “Village de Caractère du Var” preserves its authenticity and its medieval character. You will discover the caves formed 700,000 years ago that you can visit as well as the 2.5 hectare park which has a veritable theater of greenery accompanied by its 35m waterfall.

In Villecroze

Hiking trail.

Villecroze has several marked hiking trails ranging from 3.5km to 8km. You can discover the different landscapes of the village and the region through the park, the fountain of Villecroze, the medieval part of the village and the wine estates.

In Villecroze

Wine estates.

The region offers many agricultural and wine estates where you can discover local products and wine tastings from the region.

Château Thuerry | Saint-Jean de Villecroze | Domaine de Valcolombe | Château de Majoulière | Domaine des Rabelles | Les chèvres des Blétonnets

In Salernes 5km from Villecroze

The ceramics museum.

The factories of tiles, wall reliefs, decorative panels and other elements of architectural ceramics still operate in Salernes. Like them, potters, creators of jewelry and other various objects, testify to an activity born nearly 4 centuries ago with regard to artisanal and industrial production based on clays but undoubtedly very old. The excavations have made it possible to discover and exhibit within Terra Rossa, the oldest pieces known in Western Europe, 7000 years old.

25km from Villecroze

The Gorges du Verdon and Lake Sainte-Croix.

The Gorges du Verdon form the largest canyon in Europe: it is a site where space and immensity combine. In the limestone of the plateaus of Haute Provence, the river has dug a canyon 25 km long, sometimes reaching a depth of 700 m which extends from Lake Artignosc to Lake Sainte-Croix.

In Villecroze

The Music Academy

The Académie musicale de Villecroze was the brainchild of Anne Gruner Schlumberger. Passionate about music, she wanted to develop a sponsorship programme to encourage young artists to practice and create music. When she discovered the village of Villecroze in Provence, the project seemed an obvious choice.